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Youth Shine at National Science Fair

Youth Shine at National Science Fair


Making their farm community proud, two finalists from the 4-H Canada Science Fair, Mark Norregaard and Nia Smith, are set to advance to the prestigious 2024 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). 

This national event celebrates the brightest young minds in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) across Canada. 

Norregaard, a 17-year-old from Balzac, AB, has previously made waves at the 4-H Canada Science Fair, this year marking his fifth appearance as a finalist. His latest project delves into the health of calf populations, comparing the responses of vaccinated versus non-vaccinated calves to prevent outbreaks of Bovine Respiratory Disease.  

On the other hand, Smith, a 14-year-old newcomer from Brandon, MB, has taken a different approach, focusing on the efficacy of home hydroponic systems. Her research aims to determine the best medium for seed germination in hydroponic setups, a key factor for successful home gardening. 

Their achievements have not only earned them spots at the CWSF but have also highlighted the ongoing commitment of 4-H Canada to STEM education. Supported by partners like Bayer CropScience Canada and the Government of Canada, the 4-H Canada Science Fair provides a platform for young innovators to tackle real-world problems with creative solutions.  

As the interest in STEM continues to grow among Canada's youth, initiatives like the 4-H Canada Science Fair are crucial for nurturing the next generation of leaders in science and agriculture.  Congratulations to Mark and Nia on their achievements and best of luck at the Canada-Wide Science Fair! 

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