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How to get the most out of your precision ag technology with GeoPard

How to get the most out of your precision ag technology with GeoPard

GeoPard tool provides farmers with multiple levels of data to create better analytics for optimum decision-making.

By Andrew Joseph,

Having data-driven ag technology will help farmers drive analytics to perform the most-informed decision-making by farmers to increase both productivity and profit while preserving resources.

Dmitry Dementiev works for GeoPard Agriculture, a part of FlyPard Analytics GmbH Germany headquartered in Cologne, Germany, and presented his company’s ag tool solution—GeoPard Agriculture—at the 2021 virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase held November 16-18.

“Each field is different,” noted Dementiev featuring a combination of “high yield productivity and low yield productivity, you need to better understand your farmland to get the most out of it.”

He continued: “It’s why you need a field map that shows the path for variable rate technology to optimally distribute resources.”

Dementiev in his presentation described, in brief, the components required to construct variable rate maps, and noted that a single layer of data is not enough to provide the level of information for a farmer to make the best decisions.

Satellite imagery and topography, along with soil/plant/yield data combined with AI (artificial intelligence) engines, automation and gool ol’ fashioned human intelligence help create the GeoPard Agriculture support tool for farmers.

For those worried about their farm data being stolen, Dementiev said that it is secure because it is a Cloud-based ag tool.

Some of the features of the GeoPard Agriculture tool include:

  • Season planning;
  • Soil sampling, which allows planning for fertilization, seeding, spraying, desiccation, and harvesting;
  • Post-harvest analysis which allows the farmer to plan for the next season.

Watch Dementiev’s presentation in the video below to learn how GeoPard Agriculture can help automate your workflows to make your job that much easier and more profitable.

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