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Massey Ferguson 5S tractor named Red Dot Award winner

Massey Ferguson 5S tractor named Red Dot Award winner

Massey Ferguson tractor takes award for Product Design.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image courtesy of Massey Ferguson

The Massey Ferguson 5S Series tractor was recently named a 2022 Red Dot Award winner for Product Design. The award is one of the world’s largest design competitions, with the Red Dot label being recognized internationally as a mark of highest-quality design.

Massey Ferguson, a brand of the AGCO Corporation, acknowledged that its MF 5S Series—the smallest of the S Series models—took home the prestigious annual award going up against global competition for industrially manufactured, market-ready products, including agricultural equipment.

“The MF 5S Series went head-to-head with an impressive and diverse contingent of products from numerous industries to earn the Red Dot Award,” said Darren Parker, Vice President of Massey Ferguson North America. “This award is a testament to Massey Ferguson’s dedication to straightforward, dependable design. The MF 5S Series follows in the footsteps of our revolutionary MF 8S Series, the 2021 winner, and proves the value of innovative, farmer-focused engineering to both our ag customers and others around the world.”

Added Thierry Lhotte, vice president and managing director Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East: “We are honoured to receive this Red Dot Award. The MF 5S Series has earned a well-deserved reputation as the best-in-class dairy and livestock tractor. A great ‘all-rounder’—the MF 5S is designed and built to handle a wide range of tasks with ease and comfort.”

Called a worthy successor to the Massey Ferguson family of steep-nosed tractors, the MF5S is a multipurpose workhorse, with the S-Series offering the choice of power and specifications to suit the individual operator.

Offered in three models, the MF 5S Series includes three models from 115 HP to 145 HP, all with an option for Classic or Deluxe specifications that offer a range of performance-enhancing features for all types of farms and applications.

It uses that latest AGCO Power 4.4-litre, four-cylinder engine that complies with Tier 4 Final emission regulations with the unique “All in One” SCR technology, designed for the life of the tractor.

The MF 5S Series tractors are available with the Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 semi-powershift transmission, both with auto-drive, with a brake-to-neutral feature that disengages drive when brakes are applied.

For maneuverability, the MF 5S Series tractor has a 13-foot turning radius; what Massey Ferguson calls a best-in-class visibility with its slim, steep-nosed hood; and high-flow hydraulics that delivers up to 29 gallons (110 litres) per minute of flow.

It has a new multifunction loader joystick, excellent transmission controls and a brake-to-neutral feature for loading operation ease. And, with the Visio Roof option, the operator gains a clear view of the attachment throughout the lifting range.

All of the MF 5S Series cabs are equipped to a high specification, with the Deluxe version coming with a new armrest. First seen on the award-winning MF 8S Series, the armrest houses the MultiPad joystick that controls a number of functions, including forward/reverse shuttle, linkage, and spool valves.


The MF 5S Series utilizes a robust three-point linkage, and is capable of lifting up to 13,227 lbs (6,000 kgs)—over 14 percent more than previous models.

Developed for mounting with the new suspended axle, the tractor’s integrated front linkage helps maintain its 13-foot turning radius, and with its increased capacity from 5,512 to 6,600 lbs (2500 – 2,994 kgs), it enables operators to improve efficiency by employing larger, wider implements.

The tractor has a 20,900 lb (9,480 kg) gross vehicle weight—12 percent higher than previous—and is capable of handling the demanding tasks such as mowing, tedding, raking, and baling wet and dry hay—especially when used in tandem with the company’s hay equipment.


The MF 5S Series can be fully connected with MF Connect telemetry, whereby a new geo-fencing function improves logistics management and security by sending machine alerts to smart phones and devices if and when machine exits or enters pre-defined areas.

Massey Ferguson’s Datatronic 5 terminal is standard on Deluxe models, an ISOBUS-compatible, touch-screen operator information station that monitors all the tractor functions and controls any ISOBUS-compliant implement. The Datatronic 5 can also run MF Technologies’ precision farming functions, including:

  • MF Guide automatic steering;
  • MF Section Control, and;
  • the latest MF Rate Control, which can now handle and manage up to 96 sections, three booms and five products.

Pre-installed MF TaskDoc software is used to create field records, as applied maps, log fuel use, make job reports as well as keep an accurate account of all inputs to every acre.

“The MF 5S Series delivers on Massey Ferguson’s promise of straightforward dependability by providing the technology and features today’s farmer needs for high productivity without being overwhelming,” Parker said. “With substantial power, maximum agility, well-engineered quality and a distinct style, the MF 5S Series is the best choice for work on the farm, in the field or on the road. Clearly, the international community of design experts agree.”

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