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New app helps farmers connect

New app helps farmers connect

Producers can use Farmmee if they have jobs that needs completing

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A new mobile app which allows farmers to connect with other farmers is on its way to application stores.

Farmmee is designed to help producers reduce downtime during the season by connecting them with people in the industry who have the equipment necessary to complete a task.

“Let’s say during planting your planter breaks down. Instead of having to go looking for phone numbers or dialing your equipment dealer, you can post the job in Farmmee,” Molly Woodruff told

Woodruff, an Iowa cash crop producer, is Farmmee’s CEO. She cofounded the company with Cindy Rockwell, a fellow Iowa farmer who serves as its director of business development, and Becky McCrea, Farmmee’s chief technology officer, brings ag tech industry experience to the fold.

Farmmee founders
Left to right: Molly Woodruff, Cindy Rockwell and Becky McCrea. (Farmmee photo)

The trio did market research around Iowa and discovered farmers wanted a service like Farmmee to help with planting, harvesting, grain hauling and other tasks, Woodruff said.

When logging into the app, a user can select if he or she is a farmer who needs a job completed or if they are a service provider who can help another producer.

A farmer can input the required work and a deadline, and the service provider can choose to accept the job or not. Service providers can also bid on the job if more than one is interested in accepting it.

Farmmee job posting

The two parties then work together to negotiate payment.

“We allow for bartering and multiple types of payment methods,” Woodruff said. “You can pay outright, or you can barter and trade for some other service. My husband farms and a lot of times he’ll do a 50/50 split with hay.”

Farmmee is a paid subscription service from the service provider side.

Subscriptions for service providers start at $19.99 per month and includes unlimited jobs based on farmer requests. Farmers who need work done can list jobs for free.

Farmmee is still in the testing phase with users in Iowa.

“Early feedback has been positive and farmers are going to find (the app) very useful for the upcoming planting season,” Woodruff said.

The plan is to officially launch the app in the Apple and Google Play stores in early February, which will expand Farmmee’s coverage across the U.S., she added.

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