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Unveiling the SMART Seeder MAX-S

Unveiling the SMART Seeder MAX-S

Clean Seed Capital Group redefines precision planting and seeding with new no-till unit

By Ryan Ridley

This next-generation machine was created to be a true no-till unit that can operate effectively in all fields, no matter how challenging a fields condition may be.

Attendees of the 2020 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase got an exclusive look at Clean Seed Capital Group’s SMART Seeder MAX-S, which was virtually unveiled at the event.

“We’re very proud at Clean Seed of what we’ve accomplished here – bringing you something totally different in digital planting and seeding with unique capabilities to unlock those yield opportunities, save on inputs and maximize your farming operations,” says Colin Rush.

Rush is the Chief Operating Officer at Clean Seed Capital Group.

The SMART Seeder MAX-S has a unique coulter shank combination consisting of a 24” saw tooth coulter that is held against a triple shot opener.

“This is a very narrow profile and is designed to minimize the soil exposure that you would see going deep with traditional shank openers,” says Rush. “The cutting action of the saw tooth coulter is key to creating that ‘all conditions’ machine.”

The triple shot opener has a carbide tip that is positioned directly above the coulter.

Rush explains that as the coulter opens the seed trench, the tip shatters the soil. The soil then passes over bio wings which agitate the soil, creating a well aerated seed bed.

“That allows those seedlings that you placed to have a very aerated, fluffy area for the roots to grow down immediately – we see very quick emergence and great root development especially when it’s very dry conditions or wet conditions,” says Rush. “We allow water to easily penetrate from above, but also access that water from below a lot easier than traditional seeding operations.”

Rush compares root development and emergence between the SMART Seeder MAX-S and another leading precision air seeder and discusses the unit’s capabilities with planting green, seed bed utilization, and direct seeding into hay land.

The SMART Seeder MAX-S also has the capability for six different product furrow placement options:

  • Right side seed ledge on 4 inch paired row
  • Left side seed ledge on 4 inch paired row
  • Centre down the point deep
  • Right and left 4 inch paired row
  • Left side seed ledge and center point side and deep band
  • Singulation right side seed ledge placement

“These are tools designed to open up agronomics and some other things you may not have thought of before,” says Rush.

Meter placement is another major component of the SMART Seeder MAX-S, its meters are positioned directly over the furrow.

“Meters over top of the rows and multiple variable rate products are some of the core technologies of the SMART Seeder MAX-S,” he adds. “What does a meter over the row give us volumetrically? Well, it gives us very consistent product flow.”

To learn more about the SMART Seeder MAX-S and its capabilities, watch the below video with Rush.


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