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New Fendt 1100 Vario MT Tractors Unveiled

New Fendt 1100 Vario MT Tractors Unveiled

AGCO Introduces Largest Two-Tracked Tractor on the Market

Showcasing at a virtual event in August, AGCO has unveiled its new lineup of 2020-21 tractor models, including the 1167 Vario MT, the largest two-tracked tractor in the North American market. Ranging from the versatile 900 Vario MT series of tracked tractors to the large 1100 Vario MT series, Fendt’s new machines are available for presale starting September 1, 2020 and will be sent to dealers in April 2021. 

These new models feature Fendt iD low-rev engine management, the patented MTS Smart Ride track system, and smooth VarioDrive continuously variable transmission. Along with improved cab comfort, they also come with a full warranty and no deductible for three years or 3,000 hours – which can be extended to five years, or 5,000 hours.

The large-size, 1167 Vario MT with 673 HP is powered by a MAN 6-cylinder, 16.2L diesel engine that can crank out more than 2000-foot pounds of torque at 1,110 RPM, with increased fuel efficiency, lots of power and a comfortable ride. The 1100 Vario MT tractor series feature fuel-efficient Fendt iD low-rev engine management, smooth, stepless VarioDrive continuously variable transmission, MTS Smart Ride track system to hydraulically level the machine, and a high-capacity, dual-circuit hydraulic system and the intuitive Fendt operator interface.

“There’s nothing we haven’t thought of in creating the new Fendt 1100 Vario MT track tractors,” said Fendt’s Tom Turner. “For flotation, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, implement operation, power and reliability, these new track tractors will definitely stand out in the marketplace as a great choice for the heaviest jobs.”

Similar to other Fendt machines, the 1100 uses colour-coded controls, a 10.4-inch terminal for controlling power-train, automation, and more. The track system features pivoting midwheels, the Smart Ride hardbar suspension, and even an optional cab suspension – all of which increase ride comfort. Designed to handle the big jobs, the 1100 Vario MT tractors are ideal for medium to heavy high-speed tillage and can use the largest planter and seeding implements.

Check out Fendt’s new models in the video below:

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