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New York taking measures to prevent avian flu

New regulations are being implemented

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to protect New York’s poultry industry and poultry farmers from the avian influenza outbreak that the United States Department of Agriculture has called the worst in the country’s history, New York Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball is implementing new, strong regulations.

Rules and regulations

Under these new regulations, all live poultry coming into New York is required to:

  • Be from a source flock where 30 birds were tested for avian flu within 10 days of their entry into the state
  • Be from a source flock that’s certified as an Avian Influenza Monitored Flock by the state of origin
  • Be from a source flock that’s been certified clean under the National Poultry Improvement Plan

Commissioner Ball said the regulations are necessary to protect the state’s agricultural sector.

“New York’s poultry industry is an important part of the state’s agriculture economy and this regulation will build on the proactive measures already taken—from the ban of all fowl exhibits and competitions at fairs to rigorous testing of birds moving into the marketing system—to continue to safeguard our flocks,” he said. “The U.S. is in unchartered waters with this disease.”

The USDA’s numbers show that about 10% of the egg-laying hens and more than 6% of the country’s turkey inventory has been lost due to the current avian flu breakout. Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nebraska are currently in the deepest fight against the disease.

New York’s domestic poultry population is about 7.5 million birds. The poultry industry in the state generates about $150 million in annual sales.

Tell us your thoughts about New York’s new regulations when it comes to bringing in poultry from other states. What measures have you taken on your farm to protect the birds from avian flu?

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