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Ontario Pork focuses on animal, public safety as trial continues

Activist tells Burlington courtroom pigs are ‘the same’ as dogs

By Jennifer Jackson News Team

As Ontario’s livestock industry continues to follow the trial of the Burlington woman who provided water to a truckload of pigs en route to slaughter in June of last year, the Ontario Pork Producers’ Marketing Board continues to focus on higher-level priorities.

Ontario Pork, which represents some 1,400 producers, stated today that “increasingly animal and public safety is being compromised by protestors.

“In some cases, the actions of protesters have seriously jeopardized the safety of animals, the people transporting them  ?  and even the safety of the protesters themselves.

“Pork producers, transporters and processors in Ontario strive for continued improvement and are committed to producing food that is responsibly and sustainably raised.

“Individuals have the right to protest, but safety for all parties and food integrity must not be compromised. Ontario Pork respects the legal process currently underway and cannot comment on the specific details of the Krajnc/Van Boekel case.”

Yesterday marked the third day in court for animal rights activist Anita Kranjc, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of mischief.

In front of a packed courtroom Kranjc claimed she was doing the pigs a favor that hot summer day in the city west of Toronto.

“It’s actually criminal to leave a dog in a car on a hot day; pigs are the same,” said Kranjc before some 150 people – mostly supporters – who gathered in the courtroom to witness her testimony.

While owner of the pigs Eric Van Boekel had previously raised food-safety concerns about a potential contaminant being offered to the animals, Kranjc’s defence lawyer, James Silver, described the incident as a good deed.

Kranjc, a member of the Toronto Pig Save group, claimed to have fed slaughter-bound pigs in the same manner prior to the incident without any police interference. She said she interpreted this as “police acceptance.”

The trial will continue on Nov. 1.

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