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Recap: How Canadian Farmers celebrate Canada Day

Insights from Twitter posts

We invited the ag community to share how it was celebrating Canada Day. A number of you replied with comments, photos and even videos.

Many of the tweets focused on rain. Carrie Woolley, a Norfolk County farmer, was one of the first to join the conversation, sharing her excitement over the rain showers. 

Another Twitter user, Nicole Mackellar, said a “great way to start Canada Day” was “listening to a gentle rain come down.”

Similarly, Shelley McPhail, a farmer in Almonte, shared a video of the rain pouring down on her farm.

Rain in Almonte Canada Day

For others, the day remained dry - some farmers were harvesting hay.

Some tweeted about their off-farm celebrations. One person said he was watching an outdoor movie. Another shared the photo of her supper – which had fully Canadian ingredients.

The team hopes you enjoyed the long weekend.

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