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2016 Corn Belt Crop Tour: Missouri

Fourth state in a 12-state tour

By Andrea Gal
Managing Editor, Integrated Media

The Risk Management team stopped in Missouri as the fifth annual U.S. Corn Belt Crop Tour continues across the American Midwest.

Moe Agostino, Risk Management chief commodity strategist, recently said the corn in Missouri is “pretty good. It is some of the most mature corn” they’ve seen so far on the tour.

The corn is in tassel and the soybeans are in flower.

Farmer Kevin Otto of Jerico Springs, Missouri said “up until this last week we really hadn’t been dry (and crops) hadn’t been showing signs of heat stress.” But now, with “a couple of days with 105 degree heat index (and) 20 mile per hour winds,” it’s a bit different.

Agostino echoed Otto’s comments. “It’s a little dry but there is some rain in the forecast over the next five to 10 days. They are talking about five inches of rain. That would definitely help this crop and continue to help it finish,” said Agostino.

Agostino ranked the Missouri crops at a 7.5 to 8 out of 10.

Be sure to check back daily as more videos from the tour are posted. The next stop on the tour is Kansas.

Use the hashtag #cornbelt16 to follow the tour on social media.

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