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How do Canadian Farmers celebrate Canada Day?

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Since we live in one of the greatest countries on earth and we are proud to be part of the agriculture community in Canada, we thought we could share national pride and have a little fun at the same time.    How do Canadian Farmers celebrate Canada Day?  We know how major Canadian cities celebrate Canada Day, but how do rural areas, and isolated farmers celebrate Canada Day? 

Will you be working the farm and too busy to celebrate?  Or will you have friends and family over for BBQ, Picnic, etc. – and enjoy some fresh farm produce?  Do you fly the Canadian flag on your farm?

Canadian Flag on Wheat Field

Celebrate your photos and thoughts with us on Twitter using the hashtag #Canadianfarmer, but be sure to also use the hashtag #CanadaDay – so that the non-farming community can see how the agriculture sector celebrates Canada Day!  Tell us why you think Canada is a great place to farm!

On Monday, we will create a photo-montage of some of the photos and thoughts we see on Twitter with the hashtag!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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