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Saskatchewan introduces Premises Identification Database

Available for livestock and poultry

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to equip farmers with as many tools as possible to keep track of their animals and lands, Saskatchewan is launching an online database.

The Saskatchewan Premises Identification Program (PID) is designed to improve the response and prevention of any livestock emergencies.


The program links livestock and poultry to specific lands by assigning each premises with a unique number. It will also help in the planning and managing of animal health and environmental issues. PID can also notify farmers and producers of any imminent disease threats and potential disasters, and can aid in the dispatching of emergency personnel to specific locations.

"The benefits of the Premises Identification Database are far-reaching,” said Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture Lyle Stewart. “Knowing where our province's livestock is located allows us to be more effective in handling everything from flooding to disease outbreak."

PID is only one part of the three important pillars of a successful livestock tracing system – animal identification and animal movement reporting are the other two. Nearly 1,400 producers have already registered for the PID and community groups are also working with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture to increase the number of registrants.

"We see the Premises Identification Database as being a great benefit to our producers,” said Florian Possberg, Chairman of Sask Pork. “With diseases like Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea having the potential to devastate our swine herds, our industry is doing everything it can to prevent or lessen an outbreak. The fact all of our producer members have already registered speaks to the importance of this tool."

Tell us your thoughts about the Premises Identification Database. Is it something you will sign up for? What benefits could it provide?

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