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Stakeholders push for SAF support in upcoming farm bill


As the Farm Bill negotiations progress, an alliance of nearly the entire supply chain for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)—from major airlines to agricultural organizations—is advocating for strategic amendments to benefit both the aviation and agricultural sectors. These stakeholders argue that the Farm Bill should enhance the production and use of SAF, which is made from renewable agricultural products.

The proposal focuses on the inclusion of the Farm to Fly Act within the Farm Bill. This act would ensure that SAF qualifies under current U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs, encouraging greater synergy between biofuel producers and agricultural practitioners. It also seeks to establish a unified method for calculating the environmental impact of these fuels.

Key supporters include entities such as the Aerospace Industries Association, Airlines for America, various major airlines, and numerous agricultural associations. Their united front underscores the potential economic and environmental benefits of increasing the use of SAF, such as market expansion for farm products and reduced carbon emissions in aviation.

The call for SAF integration into the Farm Bill has garnered wide bipartisan support, highlighting its potential to significantly bolster U.S. agricultural markets and the rural economy while providing a sustainable energy source for the aviation industry. This initiative represents a significant opportunity to leverage agricultural outputs for environmental benefits, aligning with national goals for sustainability and economic stability.

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