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U.S. dairy farmers get ‘moo’ving

U.S. dairy farmers get ‘moo’ving

Producers stay positive by participating in the #DairyDanceOff

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

Dairy farmers across the U.S. are showcasing their resiliency to difficult times through a new movement – literally.

The #DairyDanceOff quickly gained popularity last week after Jessica Peters and Katie Dotterer-Pyle, dairy farmers from Pennsylvania and Maryland, respectively, shared their choreographies on social media.

In another video, the ladies encouraged their fellow producers, who are currently facing low milk prices, to stay positive by dancing.

“We’re showing the world that, even though we’re down right now, we’re definitely not out,” Peters said in the video.

The duo encouraged people around the world to beat the market blues.

“You don’t have to be a dairy farmer to join in on the fun,” she said. “You like to eat? Show us your moves!”

And the public responded.

These ladies from Mapleview Dairy in New York, for example, shared some well-practiced moves.

Entire families participated in some videos.

Producers danced to a wide range of music, too.

Some farm dogs even joined in on the action.

Peters and Dotterer-Pyle are very happy with the responses from U.S. producers.

“I can't help my smile and laugh every time I see a new one,” Dotterer-Pyle told today. “The best part is receiving messages from farmers we've never even met.”

Producers have thanked the ladies for bringing smiles to their faces.

“That was our goal: to lift farmers up out of this dark time we're facing,” she said.


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