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Valentine’s Day gifts for farmers

Chocolates, flowers and…tractors?

By Diego Flammini,

As if Friday the 13th isn’t scary enough for some people, February 14th can instill even more fear.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and there can be lots of pressure put on men and women to wine and dine their significant others with flowers, dinner, chocolates and other romantically-themed gifts or ideas.

Cupid’s arrows do not discriminate and farmers are also subject to being hit with one.

The obvious question now is – what do farmers want or what do they want to do for Valentine’s Day?

On Twitter, @WalnutKitchenHS said “you can never have too much baling twine and duct tape!”

Sandra Stalker said her husband is taking her to “a posh farmers valentines ball”.

Stephanie Gaffney, a sheep farmer from Napanee, Ontario said she would like some sheep.

Double M Farm Team out of Acme, Alberta said they want something red. “Tractors come in red!”

Considering taking a loved one out for dinner and happen to be in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area?  The Farmer’s Daughter will be hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner. For $30/person, enjoy a four-course meal and sample regional beers.

The Petaluma Veterans Building in Petaluma, California will play host to the Valentine’s Boot Stompin’ Ball. Admission is only $5 and there will be music, food and more for all to enjoy.

As a pre-Valentine’s Day warm up, check out a video of a farmer in Kansas who herds his cows into a giant heart!

Join the discussion by sharing what your plans for Valentine’s Day were.


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