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World’s First Collapsible Grain Bin

World’s First Collapsible Grain Bin

The 2023 Cultivator AgTech Summit, held during Canada's Farm Show, showcased a new ag product that impressed all the farmers in the audience: the T-Bin.

By Haley Bilokraly, Marketing Intern

Winning the People’s Choice Award and a prize of $1,000, the T-Bin was recognized for being the first mobile grain bin in the world. With its telescoping abilities, versatility, and storage capacity, the T-bin is transforming the way farmers store their grain during harvest.

The T-Bin stands out as a large-scale bin that can be effortlessly moved from field to field. It boasts an impressive storage capacity of 10,000 bushels, providing farmers with a substantial buffer capacity in the field. When transport is required, the T-Bin easily condenses to below 17 feet in height and 27 feet in width in less than 10 minutes, enabling convenient transportation through fields and roadways.

Farmers particularly appreciate the T-Bin when faced with challenges of limited truck storage during harvest. With the T-Bin, farmers can expand their storage capacity by easily moving their grain bin right into the field.

To learn more about the T-Bin and its exceptional features, watch an exclusive video featuring Pat Beaujot, the co-founder of T-Bin.

In this interview, Pat shares valuable insights into how the T-Bin works, its benefits, and how this game-changing innovation is reshaping grain storage practices for Canadian farmers.

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