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A&L Plant DD

Developed by: A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
The plant disease diagnostics tool was designed to give you the ability to diagnose disease in your crops. By providing A&L Canada...

Ag PhD Crop Nutrient Deficiencies

Developed by: Ag PhD
Countries: Canada,US
The Ag PhD Crop Nutrient Deficiencies app helps growers identify nutrient issues in their fields. Users can browse photos of crops to...

Ag PhD Soil Test

Developed by: Ag PhD
Countries: Canada,US
Ag PhD Soil Test app gives farmers high quality lab results based on their soil nutrients. Recommendations are from Brian and Darren...

Ag Weed ID

Developed by: Penton Media Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
The Ag Weed ID application is a hand held tool for farmers to help them identify weeds during their scouting season. It...


Developed by: ZedX, Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
AgFleet was engineered by ZedX Inc., and is a powerful decision-support system used to manage productivity of over 15 million acres of...

AGI Grow

Developed by: AGI Grow
Countries: US
AGI GROW is a comprehensive farming tool that helps you manage your crops, optimize your storage and maximize your profit. The app...


Developed by: Agralogics Inc
Countries: Canada,US
The Agralogics app is for growers and advisors to record their field observations and work together with stakeholders. The user can search...


Developed by: Neucadia, LLC
Countries: Canada,US
AgraScout is an ideal app for crop scouting as it allows for location-based pin dropping for identification of weeds, pests, crop diseases,...

Agrian Mobile app

Developed by: Agrian Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
Agrian Mobile app provides users access to the most extensive and reliable database for crop protection worldwide. Using the app, you can...

AgriGold We Know Corn

Developed by: AgReliant Genetics, LLC
Countries: Canada,US
The AgriGold We Know Corn app seeks to provide its users with valuable knowledge on corn. This seed company has 75 years...
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