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365 Cattle

Developed by: 365FarmNet GmbH
Countries: Canada,US
A cattle management app for farmers to record herd data such as medical information, vet visits, breeding information, age, sex and more....

4-H Livestock Record

Developed by: Learning Games Lab, NM State University
Countries: Canada,US
The 4-H Livestock Record app is a great tool to keep 4-H members organized in preparing for show day. This app allows...


Developed by: AGEX Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
Easily manage the herd by tracking an animal’s weight, health, history etc., through the usage of a tagging system. Whether farmers use...


Developed by: AGvisorPROInc
Countries: Canada,US
AGvisorPRO is a flexible solution to bridge the gap between knowledge seekers and experts to unify the agriculture sector. With its vast...

Angus Mobile App

Developed by: American Angus Association
Countries: Canada,US
The Angus Mobile app is designed for Angus cattle breeders in the United States and Canada. Options include member access to herd...

APHIS Mobile

Developed by: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Countries: United Kingdom
The APHIS Mobile app, developed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, allows users to see the most recent list of...

BCS SowDition

Developed by: Animal Health GmbH
Countries: Canada,US
Easily assess a sow’s body condition by following a 4-step objective process taking multiple factors into account. By standardizing the process, BCS...

Beef Cow BCS App

Developed by: Ridley Block Operations
Countries: Canada,US
Beef cattle producers and ranchers will now be able to take pictures of their cows and compare them to reference photos of...

Beef Market Central

Developed by: iNet Solutions Group
Countries: Canada,US
The Beef Market Central app from Revalor-XS is a helpful resource for members of the cattle industry. The app provides up-to-date information...

BigFarmNet Poultry

Developed by: Big Dutchman
Countries: Canada,US
An application that provides farmers a complete overview of climatic conditions and production data of multiple barns. It enables the farmer to...
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