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1,000 Weeds of North America

Developed by: XID Services, Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
1,000 Broadleaf Weeds of North America, an Interactive Guide to Identification. The app allows you to identify plants by specifying characteristics from...

Ag PhD Field Guide App

Developed by: Ag PhD
Countries: Canada,US
The Ag PhD Field Guide app allows growers to easily identify pests in the field. The app provides a library of weeds...


Developed by: Ezi app
Countries: Canada,US
With Agro, agronomists now have the ability to complete entire inspection reports, hold the sale of products, and complete all paperwork before...

Bug & Weed Identifier

Developed by: United Industries
Countries: Canada,US
The Bug & Weed Identifier app from Spectracide assists users in identifying and solving their pest problems. The app enables users to...

Citrus Pests Key

Developed by: United States Department of Agriculture
Countries: Canada,US
The Citrus Pests Key app from the United States Department of Agriculture is designed to assist users in identifying various insect pests....


Developed by: Charles T. Bargeron
Countries: US
EDDMapS IPM is used for reporting and viewing data on pests in different counties in USA.

Fruit PestFinder - Western US

Developed by: Utah State University Extension
Countries: Canada,US
The Fruit PestFinder – Western US app, developed by Utah State University Extension IPM Program, is a great resource for finding information...

Genuity® Rootworm Manager

Developed by: Monsanto Company
Countries: Canada,US
The Genuity® Rootworm Manager app from the Monsanto Company provides farmers with a helpful risk assessment tool for corn rootworm. The app...


Developed by: ZedX, Inc.
Countries: Canada,US
The iPiPE (Integrated Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education) app provides the opportunity for users to share information on pests so...

IPM Toolkit App

Developed by: University of Wisconsin Nutrient and Pest Management Program
Countries: Canada,US
The IPM Toolkit app is designed to aid users in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices for agriculture use. With this app growers...
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