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Fixing low pH on your farm
Fixing low pH on your farm
Darren Hefty discusses some of the equipment you'll need to fix low pH soil on your farm.
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New strain of clubroot found in Manitoba
The ag ministry confirmed the new clubroot strain as pathotype 3A. It can overcome some genetic resistance in canola varieties. 
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Five questions to start a successful succession
Effective wealth transition begins with achieving clarity of planning purpose in order to become a successful advocate for your outcomes.
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Sharing views on seed royalties
Farmers have until Oct. 15 to share their views on proposed changes to seed royalty structures for cereal crops.
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Harvest nearing completion
The sunny dry weather is allowing Alberta producers to harvest their grain and oilseed crops without much interruption during the month of September.
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Setting up grain bins
Setting up grain bins
Watch two Saskatchewan farmers get a grain bin into place and check if it's level.
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Poultry litter management
Poultry litter management
Litter topped the list of environmental factors most consistently positive for Mycoplasma synoviae, a veterinarian said.
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Flame weeding
Flame weeding
A weed specialist explains what flame weeding is and why you might want to add it to your weed management plan.
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Current oat price
Supposedly oat acres are way up and I wonder if price will tank once combines start rolling.

Fun fact of the day

This guy got fined by Edmonton heading to the scrap yard.
N, P, K, S prices?
Heard a phosphate price the other day of $600 per MT.
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How to scout and manage sclerotinia stem rot
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