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Veal farming in Canada
Veal farming in Canada
A  veal farmer talks about family farming, caring for animals, and the pride he has for the industry.
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Dairy research cluster gets $16.5M
Dairy Research Cluster Three aims to “stimulate productivity, sustainability and profitability” on Canadian dairy farms.
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Using canola to preserve food
An Alberta researcher is using canola to strengthen cling wrap.
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Nitrate accumulation in hailed out crops
The risk of a hay stand having high nitrate concerns is much lower than an annual crop, a beef and forage specialist said.
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Dairy Farmers of Canada receives international recognition
Unilever concluded that all milk produced in Canada is sustainably sourced in accordance with their Sustainable Agriculture Code.
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Modes of action in fungicides
Modes of action in fungicides
The Hefty brothers discuss the advantages of multiple modes of action in the fungicide on your farm.
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Harvesting a wheat crop
Harvesting a wheat crop
Go into the cab of a John Deere combine with a producer as he harvests a wheat crop.
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Bale density study
Bale density study
Producing fewer, denser and higher-quality round bales will drive down your production costs.
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Soybeans/canola feeling heavy
Nov. beans again breaking $9/bu.
Most hated weed?
For me it’s this one! Scentless Chamomile.
Scheer, chocolate milk?
Scheer tells dairy farmers at the DFC meeting we've been drinking sweetened chocolate milk for thousands of years?
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Canola Report
An Educational Video Series designed to help producers maximize yield for long term sustainability.
How to scout and manage sclerotinia stem rot
Canola Report
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Acres: 319.0
Location: Canwood, Sask.
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Integrated Solutions Consultant
Greenland Equipment Ltd | Carman, Man.
Sr. Sales Agronomist
Heritage Co-op | Brandon, Man.
Agriculture Territory Sales
Rack Petroleum | North Battleford, Sask.
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2009 New Holland T9050
2009 New Holland T9050

Western Tractor

Medicine Hat, Alta.
2009 New Holland T9050
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