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Group sow housing
Easing producer fears of housing updates
Maple Leaf Foods has successfully transitioned over 50 per cent of its herd to an advanced open sow housing system.
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Pork chop
Move over, lean pork
With talk of greater pork marbling standards, leaner cuts could become a second choice for consumers.
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Canadian Bio-Systems launches new Feed Science Platforms
"It’s a one-stop solution that fits today’s needs and is tailored to the unique requirements of every operation.”
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Regular audits contribute to consistent on-farm management
"Producers are generally doing a good job of ensuring the best management practices are adopted."
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DuBreton transforms pig farming
The #1 organic pork producer in North America has achieved a world-wide milestone by raising over 340,000 crate-free pigs.
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African Swine Fever update
ASF can spread rapidly in pig populations by direct or indirect contact.
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Conducting ASF research
Conducting ASF research
Cassandra Jones, K-State livestock feed safety specialist, talks about studying this deadly virus.
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5 Swine Herdspersons
Poundmaker Pork Farm Limited Partnership | Wainwright, AB
Swine Health Ontario Manager | Guelph, ON
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