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Helping pork producers lower feed costs
Canadian pork producers may soon have a better understanding of how feeding strategies can affect pig health and performance.
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Big changes in global pork trade
Mounting trade tensions between the United States and China, and within North America, will likely have a significant effect on global pork trade throughout the rest of this year.
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Pork producer receives memorial award
CCSI presents this award to individuals who have made significant contributions to the swine industry through their involvement in scientific research, program development or program implementation.
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Identifying research program priorities
Under the Swine Cluster 3 program, researchers will examine alternatives to the use of antibiotics.
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Preparing for crisis on the farm
Two industry groups are offering members of the swine industry an opportunity to improve their health and safety knowledge.
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Slat width study fills knowledge gaps
A University of Manitoba professor discusses the benefits and drawbacks of slatted flooring in swine barns.
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Improving the quality of pigs
Improving the quality of pigs
Neil Matthews, a validation research supervisor, explains how PIC is optimizing total carcass value by maximizing primal value, processing value and eating satisfaction.
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Research & development director
DCL Nutrition + Santé Animale | St-Hyacinthe, Que.
Swine herdspersons
Spruit Farms Ltd. | Red Deer County, Alta.
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