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Biosecurity key to preventing PED
Manitoba Pork has identified 11 cases of PED in 2018 so far. Five instances are in sow barns and three each are in nurseries and finisher barns.
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Producers open doors to public for annual event
On Aug. 18 and 19, farmers will welcome visitors at their operations for the sixth annual Alberta Open Farm Days.
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Watch developments on trade front, FCC advises
"As we see wages increasing in North America and other parts of the world, that's going to continue to spur strong demand for pork and other red meats going forward."
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Encouraging producers to engage with the public
Manitoba Pork is stepping up its efforts to share the story of the role pork producers play in the production of food.
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Reducing runoff with 4R BMPs
By incorporating best management practices (BMPs) into their operations, producers could lend a helping hand to the environment.
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Determining the digestibility of co-products
Research at the University of Illinois is giving producers more information about the feeding value of grain and oilseed co-products fed to young growing pigs.
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Touring a Manitoba swine operation
Touring a Manitoba swine operation
Weanling pigs will stay in this nursery barn for up to eight weeks. Before moving to the feeder barn, they will weigh between 16 and 30 kilograms.
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Hypor Inc. | Manitoba
Sow farm manager
Lariagra Farms | Rimbey, Alta.
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