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If RTK guidance was more affordable, then every farmer would be using it. Until now, the 2 cm RTK accuracy has been a luxury in North America that few can afford. Enter the newly released CRG receiver from Agra-GPS. 

crg app

The CRG allows farmers around the world to use RTK guidance on their farm. CRG stands for Chameleon RTK Guidance because it is compatible with many different brands of machinery. The CRG integrates with Fendt, John Deere, CLAAS, CAT and Rogator machinery. 

crg app2

Fendt compatibility 
The CRG easily installs onto the Fendt roof hatch 
without modifications. It is then able to steer the Fendt seamlessly via the John Deere display. 
John Deere compatibility 
To make installation simple, the CRG is compatible with standard John Deere mounts and connections. The CRG works with the John Deere display to steer the machine. 
RTK Accuracy 
The CRG is capable of steering with RTK or by using the standard WAAS signal. Via the simple plug and play setup, the CRG uses the standard WAAS signal. For RTK accuracy, the CRG communicates with the base station via three different methods. 

  1. Bluetooth connection 
  2. Modem (optional add-on) 
  3. Serial / radio communication 

The CRG is already equipped with RTK capability with no additional charges or upgrades. The farmer has to provide a RTCM correction source from a local station. This may come from RTK service providers or their own base stations. If farmers choose to set up their own base station, Agra-GPS supplies Emlid base 
stations as well. 
Agra-GPS offers a 1 year warranty on all of its products, including the CRG, which has been tested over 3 seasons. For more information, visit or the Agra GPS Facebook page.

Source : Agra-GPS

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