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New Partnership with Tempel Genetics to Expand Hypor´s Breeding Program in U.S.

(Saskatchewan, Canada. May 17th, 2016) Hypor has entered into an agreement with Tempel Genetics to execute and expand Hypor genetics in the U.S. market.

 “We are very happy to make this announcement, which is a significant step for our growth in the market,” says Hypor America General Manager Luis Prieto.

 Hypor Landrace great grandparent (GGP) gilts from one of Hypor’s nucleus facilities in Saskatchewan, Canada will be moved to the Tempel Genetics’ nucleus facility in Indiana, U.S., in the coming weeks.

 “Through the last 30 years we have been developing high quality genetics for the U.S. and the international market,” says Tempel Genetics owner Bill Tempel. “At this point, newer technology and bigger populations are needed in order to keep being competitive in the global genetics market. 

Current customers of Tempel Genetics will benefit by receiving the full potential of Hypor’s genetics on their farms.

 “We fully trust the capability and willingness of Tempel Genetics to execute Hypor’s breeding program and to supply current and future customers with top quality genetics,” Prieto says. 

The partnership will give Hypor access to a system of 1,900 GGP/GP sows in nucleus/multiplication helping to expand Hypor´s Landrace sow base. 

Due to this agreement, Tempel Genetics will end its current relationship with PureTek Genetics over the next 10 months.

The clear synergy between both company’s selection philosophy for balanced-animals ensures a long-lasting and stable relationship.

 “Based on Hypor’s portfolio and the products that are currently under development at Hypor, we are very confident with our agreement decision,” Tempel says.

 After considering different possibilities for their future and the future of their customers, Tempel Genetics chose to partner with Hypor based on Hypor’s selection philosophy, gene pool, and technology to produce balanced-animals—which will better serve US pork producers.

 “Profitability in the pig chain and balanced breeding—the basis of Hypor’s genetics—have always been paramount ideas in our breeding program,” Tempel says. “That’s why we think Hypor aligns very well with us and with our customers.

” Hypor values the ethics, the level of expertise and the knowledge in the breeding field that Tempel Genetics brings to the swine industry, and sees Tempel Genetics as a reliable partner for growing Hypor lines in the U.S. market.

 “One of Hypor’s strategic pillars is collaboration. Under this idea, we are always exploring win-win situations,” Prieto says. “And this partnership with Tempel Genetics is clearly one of them.”

Source: Hypro

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