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Research Updates To Cover Results From Soybean Management Field Day Trials

In late January researchers will be sharing information and yields from the replicated field research conducted at the summer 2012 Soybean Management Field Days.

The summer Soybean Management Field Days feature presentations and field trials related to soybean production, marketing, and management. In 2012 arrangements were made with four soybean producers to plant seven replicated trials on each of their center pivot irrigated fields. University of Nebraska faculty will share and discuss yield results at each of the Research Update locations.

Research updates will include:

Quest for the Holy Grail in Soybean Production (Row spacing/seed rate, fungicides; plant populations/planting date and maturity group interactions)

  • Charles Shapiro, UNL soils scientist – crop nutrition
  • Evan Sonderegger, UNL graduate student
  • Jim Specht, UNL professor of agronomy

Soybean Seed Treatments and Foliar Fungicides and Growth Enhancement Interactions with Herbicides

  • Loren Giesler, UNL plant pathologist
  • Michael Rethwisch, UNL extension educator

Herbicide-Carrier Rate Study

  • Lowell Sandell, UNL weed science Extension educator
  • Cody Creech, UNL graduate student
  • Greg Kruger, UNL Extension cropping system specialist

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