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Wild Boar

A newly signed piece of legislation in Missouri will penalize people who purposely contribute to the state’s feral hog situation.

Governor signs feral hog bill
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The Swine Health Information Center has launched an investigation following the identification of a new virus in the genus of Morbillivirus.

SHIC investigates novel Morbillivirus in pigs

A swine practitioner with Swine Vet Center says the PRRS 1-4-4 variant has had a much more dramatic impact than any other PRRS viruses in terms of the numbers of abortion and sow mortalities.

PRRS 1-4-4 variant shows more dramatic impacts

"Biosecurity is only as good as your weakest moment because that weakest moment may allow for the entry of something that you don't want to have."

Traditional PRRS biosecurity protocols recommended for new more pathogenic strain

A third case of ASF was confirmed over the weekend in farm pigs in the eastern German state of Brandenburg, German authorities said.

Germany has another ASF case in farm pigs
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The Swine Report
The Swine Report

Amanda Minton, Associate Director of Reproductive Technology at Acuity Swine and Karl Kerns, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, discuss capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand and ultimately improve boar fertility.

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Expert Commentary

It makes sense to test a hog unit’s water just as frequently as the feed, according to Jim Kober, DVM, water quality-consultant, Holland, Michigan.

Why it pays to conduct regular water quality checkups
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Expert Commentary
New technology in the barn to improve animal health and productivity

Jim Ryken, C.O.O. of Barn Tools tells us about their new BarnTalk’s mobile app that provides remote visibility of your barn’s power status, temperature and humidity.

New technology in the barn to improve animal health and productivity
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