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The farm and rural history website is dedicated to celebrating and digitizing the last 150 years of success in the Canadian agriculture and food industry. The agriculture and food industries in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation, and have laid a foundation of excellence upon which we continue to grow. We celebrate Canada’s food and agriculture innovations on these pages.
Price Control in Agriculture

Not long ago I saw in one of our dailies a very good cartoon in which “Food” and “Wages” were standing on a high scaffold with a ladder leading therefrom, Each of these worthies was pointing to the ladder and urging the other to “go down first.” Food, wages, transportation and manufacture seem so inextricably interwoven in their welfare and existence that it

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The World

This cartoon originally appeared in the January 8, 1944 issue of Canadian Countryman. It depicts a giant empty bowl representing “The world’s food needs”

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Rat Trap

This is an example of an old-fashioned wooden rat (or mouse) trap from an unknown time period. Obviously, the purpose of this device was to lure in and kill those pesky

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A greater political surprise was never sprung on the Province of Ontario than that of October 20, when a Government was unmistakably defeated, and yet no party gained a victory of ample proportions to place it in command. Prior to the election there were no accusations against the Hearst Government of sufficient seriousness to make its return doubtful, and practically everyone looked for Sir

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lives lived

John Harrington Ferguson

APRIL 18, 1851 - OCTOBER 16, 1931

John Harrington Ferguson was born on a farm in Chinguacousy township, Peel County (part of the modern municipality of Brampton) in 1851 to Samuel Ferguson and Ellen Harrington. John’s remarkable life would likely have been lost to history alongside countless other farmers in Victorian Canada were it not for his extremely detailed and valuable farm diary which he kept from 1869 to 1884. The diary, which survives to this day, provides considerable insight into the life of a bright young farmer during this era.

John Ferguson grew up on his father’s farm located on lot

Bertram Stewart

AUGUST 19, 1932 – FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Dedicated 4-H volunteer; dairy cattle consultant. Born Aug. 19, 1932; died Feb. 12, 2018, age 85, in Fergus, Ont.

In his 2010 Canadian Agricultural Hall of Fame citation, Bertram Stewart is described as a “pioneer in preparing and exhibiting dairy cattle.”

After learning of Stewart’s recent passing, Semex CEO Paul Larmer described Stewart in a statement as “an international icon.”

His early experiences showing cattle in Halton Region led to Stewart’s career as an adviser to some of the world’s best known dairy

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