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The farm and rural history website is dedicated to celebrating and digitizing the last 150 years of success in the Canadian agriculture and food industry. The agriculture and food industries in Canada have a rich heritage of innovation, and have laid a foundation of excellence upon which we continue to grow. We celebrate Canada’s food and agriculture innovations on these pages.

During the Year 1834, there will be four Eclipses, which will happen in the following order.

The First will be an eclipse of the Sun, on Saturday, June 7th, and visible here.
Sun Rises - 4 h. 26 min
Beginning of Eclipse - 5 h. 15 min
Middle - 5 h. 42

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Keep that fifth column off the farm front

This cartoon appeared in a June 1, 1940 issue of the Canadian Countryman, and framed weeds as a dangerous fifth column threatening the war effort against the Axis powers.

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This is an example of a pedal-powered grinder produced by Deering in the late 19th-century. Using the simple combination of a grindstone turned by the operation of

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Tariff Killing Farm Business

Practically ever since the Harding Administration came into power a fight has been going on between the manufacturers and financial interests in the United States and the farmers as represented by the Farm Bloc. In this fight the interests of farmers in this country are identical with those of the Big Interests across the line. Farmers in this country want to be allowed to ship their surplus

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lives lived


1888 - 1976

Dr. Ethel Chapman was born and raised on a farm in the Halton Region in 1888. While Dr. Chapman worked hard on her family’s farm she was drawn to the subject of homemaking and home economics. She taught at a local school for a short while before enrolling in the homemaking course at the MacDonald Institute. Upon completing her program Dr. Chapman accepted a position on the staff of the Farmers’ Advocate, a popular farming publication.

Journalism kept Dr. Chapman very occupied throughout her life. After her time working for the Farmers’ Advocate she became the

John G. Rayner

OCTOBER 1, 1890 – JUNE 30, 1952

John George Rayner was an agriculturist in Saskatchewan who was involved in various notable organizations. However, it was his work in rural education for which Rayner will always be best remembered. He was born on October 1, 1890, in London, England. His family emigrated to Canada when he was only two years old, settling in the farming community of Virden, Manitoba and adopting the life of Canadian farmers. He graduated from the Virden high school before attending the Manitoba College of Agriculture, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 1913.

A year after graduating Rayner

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