Farmers as Legislators

Farmers as Legislators


The first Legislature in Canada to be guided through the political labyrinth of a session by a purely farmer and labour group has recently been prorogued, and the people of this and other provinces can now look back and form their own conclusions as to the results. Nothing sensational transpired during the session, but a fair amount of legislation was enacted. The outstanding feature of the term was the frank and open manner adopted by the Government, and the attempt made to get away from political bickering or sparring for position. This cannot fail to have its influence on the Opposition, and the whole demeanor of the House, because it always takes two to play the game, and when the Government is not always endeavoring to place the Opposition in an unfavourable position there is less politics indulged in and more business transacted. The verdict cannot be other than favourable when we consider than a green manager, in the person of the Premier, selected a green team and without preliminary training jumped at once into the game and began the series. We have never been enamoured of group government or class representation, but where agriculture is the dominant industry in any riding it is undoubtedly right that the member from that constituency should come from the occupation predominating. The same is true of labour and other branches of society and industry. The recent session has demonstrated beyond a doubt the ability of farmers to represent rural constituencies and still possess the broader outlook which embraces a whole province and its people.


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