The Magic of Wireless

The Magic of Wireless


Scientific invention is rapidly changing the conditions on the farm. The farmer of to-day can have, if he wishes, all the conveniences which formerly were only enjoyed by the city man. Running water, both hot and cold, can be had for comparatively little expense. Farmers in most sections of Ontario now get their mail delivered practically at their door. They can talk to their friends living miles away over the telephone, and by simply turning a switch have their house or barn lighted in an instant.

The automobile and good roads enables the farmer to go into town every day if he wishes, after his chores are done, and the “movies” make him familiar with almost every country in the world. The latest in scientific invention is the wireless telephone. With it it is possible to sit at home and listen to concerts given hundreds of miles away . For some weeks past one of the daily papers in Toronto has been holding radio concerts which have been enjoyed by people all over the Province of Ontario.

The value to farmers of the radio telephone cannot be estimated at the present time, but that it will be very great cannot be doubted. By it people living in rural sections will be able to hear the best music, and addresses given by the most gifted orators hundreds of miles away, but its greatest value will be in enabling farmers get up-to-the-minute market and weather information.


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