Andrew Wesley Magwood

Andrew Wesley Magwood

1888 - 1961

Andrew Wesley Magwood, born in 1888, was deeply involved in his local community’s agricultural pursuits. For 12 years Mr. Magwood acted as secretary for the Grey County Federation of Agriculture, which now serves 1450 farms in the area. During his time with the Grey Country Federation of Agriculture he coordinated over 100 farm forums.

Aside from acting as secretary, Mr. Magwood also worked as president of the Hanover, Bentinck and Brant Agricultural Society. In that same area, he was also the president of the Hanover Milk Producers’ Co-op as well as the Grey-Bruce feeder sales at Wiarton and the county crop and soil improvement association. During their early years he served as the director of the Ontario Hog Producers’ Marketing Board. Mr. Magwood was also involved with the United Dairy and Poultry Co-operatives.

Always concerned with cropping systems, erosion control, and good drainage, Mr. Magwood lent his property for an early provincial grassland demonstration in 1950. He was very involved in farming education as well as education in general as he was a schoolboard trustee. In addition, he assisted in the organization of the county co-operative medical services.

When Mr. Magwood passed in 1961 he was remembered by his community as a hard-working man very concerned with the improvement and advancement of the agricultural industry.

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