Charles McInnis

Charles McInnis

1896 - 1977

Born in Iroquois Ontario in 1896 Charles McInnis was a dedicated advocate on behalf of farmers, hoping to bring power to farmers in the marketplace. He worked tirelessly towards his goal through many means of activism, including involvement in a variety of committees and associations.

In 1937 Mr. McInnis joined the Ontario Federation of Agriculture as an executive member. The Federation had only been created the year prior as the Ontario extension of the Canadian Chamber of Agriculture. The Federation has the goal of advocacy that leads to results for farmers as well as the creation of a sustainable future for farmers. In 1938 Mr. McInnis was also a board member of the Ontario Concentrated Milk Producers’ League, which intended to build a strong and influential organization with the purpose of marketing, researching and promoting dairy farmers and their trade.

Mr. McInnis had the great honour of being the first president of the Ontario Hog Producers’ Association as the founder in 1943 and maintaining his leadership position for 17 years. He also acted as president of the Ontario Hog Producers’ Co-operative Sales Agency for the entirety of it’s six year existence. His final presidency occurred in 1960 when he led the Farmers’ Allied Meat Enterprises.

Upon his death in 1977 Mr. McInnis was fondly remembered for his dedication to the agricultural community. His devotion to creating the foundation for marketing farm products will always be appreciated as well as his ability to co-operate with his fellow farmers in the pursuit of improving the industry.



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