Stewart A. Brown

Stewart A. Brown

1898 - 1966

Stewart A. Brown was born in 1898, Southwold, Elgin West, Ontario. His parents, Mary Brown and Duncan Brown, were of Scottish descent. One of the premier men in Canada’s cattle industry, Stewart Brown was a remarkable breeder, exhibitor, exporter, and judge who left an undeniable impact on the industry. Throughout his career he dedicated himself to the improvement of the cattle industry, demonstrated by the various positions he held.

Brown’s career in the farming industry began early in his life. His parents were both farmers and he was born and raised on the farm. In 1922 he was part of the Elgin Junior Farmers’ Association at 24 years old.

Later in life, Brown served as director of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair from 1946 to 1964 and as director of the Ontario Stockyards Board for over twenty years. He was also the director and vice-president of the Canadian Cattlemen Association, proving that his impact and vision was not strictly limited to Ontario. In addition to this, Brown was the first president of the Ontario Beef Cattle Producers’ Association, and he served as president of the Ontario Beef Cattle Improvement Association.

During his time as the President of the Ontario Beef Cattle Producers’ Association, he pushed for the reduction of United States tariffs on Canadian beef and veal. He was instrumental in pushing for the end of an American embargo on Canadian beef products that prevented Canadian producers from selling their cattle and beef products in the United States that had existed since 1942. He believed that if the embargo was lifted the price of Canadian beef products would rise to that of American ones, which was currently twice as high. Throughout his career Brown attempted to improve commercial beef production in Canada. Furthermore, during World War II he served as a member of the Wartime Prices and Trades Board.

His vision did not just extend to the provincial and national level, however; he was also a dedicated and active community member who strove tirelessly towards the betterment of his own community of Elgin. This is demonstrated by his occupation of the position of president of Elgin County Beef Producers Association. He was also the Southwold Township Reeve, Warden of the County, and the first Chairman of the Central Elgin District High School Board.

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