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Alta. wheat looks favourable

Alta. wheat looks favourable

Producers across much of the province are hopeful for a good wheat crop

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Alberta’s wheat crop is on the right track, said David Bishop, the chair of the Alberta Barley Commission.

“Overall, it looks like a good year to be in the farming industry right now, as far as what the crops look like,” he told

However, the northern and Peace River regions of the province are experiencing a very wet year, said Bishop.

Farmers in these areas “are not saying the same thing we are now in the south,” said Bishop. Those regions “are the exception this year. The rest of the province had good moisture and things are looking really good.”

The wet regions of the province also dealt with too much moisture in the spring. Now, these areas could be at a higher risk for fusarium head blight because of excess moisture and humidity, said Bishop.

“It is something that producers should keep an eye on,” he said. “If you're worried about it, you should be spraying right now.”

Wheat producers in the province also faced some challenges with stripe rust and tan spot this year. Growers should now monitor for pests such as wheat midge and sawfly, said Bishop.

As always, weather will determine the results of the wheat crop in Alberta.

“Wheat harvest doesn't usually get going until the end of August (and can run) until October. So, … a lot can happen with weather to change our idea of having a really good-quality crop,” said Bishop.

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