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McDonald’s drops Angus burgers from menu

High beef prices prompt McDonalds to phase-out Angus burgers from U.S. menu

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May is National Beef month, but that hasn’t stopped McDonald’s from cutting back on its Angus burgers. McDonald’s said Thursday that it would be phasing out its Angus burgers from U.S. menus – the announcement comes after beef prices hit a 10-year high.

The company said in March that it would be debating whether or not to remove its Angus burgers, noting that making way for other food options may become a higher priority. In a statement McDonald’s spokesperson said that while the Angus burger will no longer be available in its restaurants that it may be brought back in the future.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported on Thursday that choice beef carcasses rose 24 cents per hundred pounds to $204.91, which is above previous record of $204.07. McDonald’s is trending towards chicken and recently introduced its premium chicken wraps.

The Angus burgers had been on McDonald’s menu for four years.

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