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BASF Encourages Corn Growers to Use Post-Emergence Herbicide

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Planting was delayed this spring due to the cool/wet conditions, making it a late start for many farmers located in Eastern, Canada.

BASF, a leading chemical company, offers a suggestion to corn growers who found themselves unable to apply pre-emergent herbicide due to the tight window of opportunity to get the crops in the ground. Typically, fields that aren’t treated with pre-emergent herbicide have a lot more weeds, which can pose an issue for a potential yield loss.  

Given the lost opportunity to apply pre-emergent herbicide, BASF is advising growers who missed pre-emergent herbicide to go ahead and apply a post-emergent herbicide. The product they are promoting is called ARMESON.

“Keeping your field clean in the early stages of development is critically important to protecting yield, since corn is very sensitive to weed pressure,” Rob Miller, Technical Development Manager, Eastern Canada at BASF said in a release.

According to BASF, the product, ARMESON, can be applied between the one-leaf and seven-leaf stage. AEMESON offers a bit of flexibility to growers who were rushed with the short spring season. The post-emergent herbicide helps keep broadleaf weeds and grasses in check.

Miller says that applying AEMESON is a good way to add a mode of action to glyphosate, which can help delay herbicide resistance. This particular herbicide is classified as a Group 27 and can be sprayed in hot temperatures (above 25 degrees), while other herbicides cannot.

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