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New Electronic Sow Feeder Designed for Group Housing

Canarm Introduces First Stainless Steel Electronic Sow Feeding System

By Amanda Brodhagen,

A Canadian-based company, Canarm Ag Systems, developed a state-of-the-art stainless steel electronic sow feeding system to meet the needs of pig producers who are transitioning away from gestation stalls towards alternative options like group housing.

Earlier this year, the Canadian swine industry published a revised version of its Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs, and one of the key changes to the code was the phasing out of gestation stalls by 2024.

How does the feeding system work?

The electronic sow feeder, which is powered by PigCHAMP technology, is a stainless steel construction unit (using 304 stainless steel), equipped with electronic controls and a retractable feed manager. The automation software component allows the feeder to function. It controls the feed bowl (puts food and water in) and opens and closes the gates for the sow to enter and exit. PigCHAMP software manages and stores the data from the feeder to assist the farmer with management decisions.

The company hired a retired Ontario hog farmer, Curtiss Littlejohn, to help with the launch of its electronic sow feeding system along with a suite of other “Made in Canada” feeding systems for pork producers. Interestingly, Littlejohn served on the committee that provided input into the development of the new code of practice.

Canarm launched its electronic sow feeder system at the World Pork Expo that was held in Des Moines, Iowa (June 3-5) and to the Ontario Pork Congress that was showcased in Stratford, Ontario (June 18-19).