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Board applications wanted in Texas

Two boards need spots filled for upcoming meetings

By Diego Flammini,

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is calling out to agricultural professionals in the state to fill positions on the Texas Seed and Plant Board, and the Shrimp Marketing Advisory Committee.

The Texas Seed and Plant Board is seeking applications from anyone selling Texas foundation, registered or certified seeds or plants to fill the six-member board.

Responsibilities of the Board include proposing new seed varieties for growers and approving Texas Department of Agriculture inspectors to perform duties under seed certification programs.

Interested parties must submit applications by Jan. 30.

The other agricultural board seeking applications is the Shrimp Marketing Advisory Committee.

The group, created in 2003, aims to help the Department of Agriculture market Texas Gulf shrimp, assess the shrimp industry in the state and make recommendations for Commissioner Miller.

The committee is currently looking to fill various positions:

  • Seafood restaurant industry leader
  • Retail wild caught shrimp dealer
  • Commercial Gulf shrimp boat owners
  • Representative of the general public

Commissioner Miller said the committee’s work has a domino effect on the shrimp industry.

“The members of this advisory committee are critical to helping TDA grow the shrimp industry in the Texas Gulf, creating jobs and opportunity for Texans through the promotion of this critical industry,” he said.

Anyone interested in applying is required to submit an application by Jan. 22.

Join the discussion and tell us if you would consider applying to be a part of either group. What kinds of ideas or strategies would you bring to the tab   le?

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