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Bringing home that dream equipment

Bringing home that dream equipment

Producers share the machinery they would buy if they won the lottery

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

What would you buy if you hit the jackpot?

It’s a question friends and families chat about on occasion – fantasizing about large homes, a luxury car or an extravagant vacation. posed the same question to producers, asking them what piece of equipment they would bring home after cashing in that winning lottery ticket.

For Kelsey Huber, a cash crop producer near Edmonton, a new tractor would be in her future.

“I’d be buying the Versatile 535 tractor,” she told “Versatile makes really good tractors and that’s one I’d like to have.”

She recalls seeing an ad for the tractor in a magazine and it has stuck with her ever since.

Kevin Duddridge, a beef producer from Grunthal, Man., would be looking to buy a new TMR mixer.

“As a beef farmer, a Supreme TMR would be my first buy,” he told “It’s got so many benefits that I can’t even count them.”

Duddridge first spotted the Supreme machine while researching other mixers but ultimately purchased one from a different manufacturer.

“We’ve had nothing but trouble with it,” he said. “(The research) indicated getting a Supreme but we went (with a different one) and I’ve regretted it ever since.”

And Wayne Truman, a cash crop producer from Redvers, Sask. would buy a new combine.

“I think it would be the new John Deere X9 Series combine,” he told “I’ve been following along on Twitter, and it’s such a beautiful machine. I’d love to have something like that on the farm.”

Keep the conversation going and tell us what piece of equipment you’d bring back to the farm if you won the lottery.

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