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Canadian Grain Commission Announces New Changes

Canadian Grain Commission Announces New Changes

By Amanda Brodhagen,

The Canadian Grain Commission introduced some changes to its services and fees for 2013, which will come into effect Aug. 1. The grain commission is a federal agency that oversees Canada’s grain quality standards.

These changes are in response to alterations made to the Canadian Grain Act and the Canadian Grain Regulations.

In a news release Elwin Hermanson, Chief Commissioner said the changes reflect the commission’s commitment to meeting the needs of the grain industry. "Change is necessary for us to continue fulfilling our mandate of working in the interests of Canadian grain producers and ensuring Canada's grain is a dependable, quality commodity for domestic and export markets,” said Hermanson.

The following are the changes:

Producer protection

• A proposal has been put forward to provide growers with protection against non-payment for their eligible grain deliveries. Growers will continue to be protected under the current program until the new program takes effect.

Fee Changes

• Some charges will be eliminated, while other will be increased. A full list of the fee changes can be found by clicking here.

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