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Canadian Plowing Championship returns to Manitoba

Canadian Plowing Championship returns to Manitoba

The event runs from May 1 to 6

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Manitoba will play host to a Canadian competition in May for the first time in 10 years.

The Manitoba Provincial Plowing Association will host the Canadian Plowing Championship in Rivers, Man. from May 1 to 6.

This event will mark the first time the province has hosted the event since Kemnay, Man. did in 2012.

This event will also be the first Canadian Plowing Championship since 2019.

Organizers expect teams from B.C., Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba to participate in conventional tractor and reversible tractor competitions.

For the conventional tractor competition, an operator starts by going up the left side of the field and coming down on the right side using entry and exit points.

For the reversible plowing contest, an operator goes up one side of the field. Then the plow is flipped at the end of the row and makes his or her way back to the start.

Each team will have three hours to plow half of an acre of land.

“It’s all about quality of work, it’s not about speed,” Tom Ryall, president of the Manitoba Provincial Plowing Association, told The Brandon Sun. ““Straightness is very important and where you start and where you finish your plot, it must be neat and tidy. All the grass stubble must be underground and all buried and when you walk, the ground must be farrow.”

The teams are trying to earn the highest number of points and are scored based on the system set out by the World Ploughing Organization.

In conventional plowing, for example, the uniformity and conformity of furrow slices are worth 10 points.

Teams can also lose points for multiple reasons, including not completing the plowing on time.

The winning team will represent Canada at the World Ploughing Championship in Estonia in 2023.

Russia was scheduled to host the world event this year but that event has been cancelled due to the conflict in Europe.

Canada is next scheduled to host the world event in 2034.

Canadian Plowing Organization photo.

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