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Canadian Pork Exports Vital for the Industry

Canadian Pork Council Releases New Survey

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Canadian Pork Council reveals findings from a new survey entitled “Economic Impact of Canadian Pork Exports” showing that export expansion is giving a boost to Canadian Pork. This is good news for Canadian pork producers who have been faced with hardships in the industry. The study found that pork exports contribute $9.28 billion to the national economy.

Export expansion is vital for the Canadian pork industry to remain sustainable, since domestic consumption for pork has been falling for decades. With more than 120 countries buying Canadian pork, statistics from 2011 census indicate that pork exports grew by 46 per cent.

The study was issues by the federal government who are working on securing more export markets for the Canadian livestock industry. The government is in the midst of trade negotiations with Asia which is a key market for Canadian Pork.

With the Harper governments direction towards free trade and supporting Canadian agriculture the future is starting to look brighter for the pork industry.


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