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Case IH provides equipment updates

Case IH provides equipment updates

The 2150S planter is heavier, for producers who no-till

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Farmers who tuned into the Moe and Simon Show for the Risk Management 2022 Corn Belt Crop Tour received equipment updates from Case IH.

Earlier this year, Case IH introduced the 2150S Early Riser planter for 2023.

The 2150S is a 30- to 40-foot front fold split-row and narrow-row planter.

“The 2150S is a front fold with interplant or different row-spacing,” said Mark Robson, a crops production specialist for eastern Canada with Case IH. “A big thing with this planter is a lot more weight for (farmers) looking to no-till.”

The 30-foot toolbar comes in 23- or 24-row with 15-inch spacings.

The 40-foot configuration comes with 31 and 32 rows with 15-inch spacings, as well as a 24-row option with 20-inch spacings.

“You can drive the tractor down the same tractor path as the year you planted corn, and the only thing that’s going to touch the corn stubble, the way these planters are configured, should be the tires of the planter,” Robson said.

The 2150S also offers flexibility.

It comes with 15 degrees of wing flex for a total of 30 degrees plus eight inches of vertical row unit travel for a total of 16 inches. received an up-close look at the 2150S planter earlier in the year.

Dave Brennan, planter marketing manager with Case IH, provided an overview of the planter during the National Farm Machinery Show.

Case IH also made updates to its ISOBUS software for the 2000 Series.

“For most configurations we are now able to run on the ISOBUS display on AFS Connect Magnums and Steigers,” Robson said. “This integration allows us to have a bit more capability plugging and playing into these tractors without having to put proprietary software on the planter or the tractor.”

The next step for the ISOBUS, Robson says, is to allow a farmer to use this planter and collect its data, even if the producer isn’t using a Case IH tractor.

Watch all Mark Robson's presentation below:

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