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Farmers market scavenger hunt ongoing in Iowa

Students are encouraged to participate

By Diego Flammini,

In an effort to encourage elementary school students to get involved and learn about agriculture in Iowa, the state is holding a farmers market scavenger hunt.

“We are fortunate to have wonderful farmers markets all across the state and I hope students will take advantage of this opportunity to get out and learn more about all the fresh, delicious products that are available and support their local market,” Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said.

The scavenger hunt, being put on with the help of the Iowa Farm to School program, allows students to visit any of the 37 farmers markets in Iowa and become familiar with the farmers and the crops they produce.

Students who are interested in participating need to complete the Farmers Market Scavenger Hunt form, available at any farmers market or can be downloaded and printed.

The form requires the student to include information such as the market they visited, where it’s located, what they liked and what kinds of things they saw while at the market.

Scavenger hunt

Once completed, the student gives the form to the market manager and will receive a free fruit, vegetable, or honey. The classroom with the most submissions could win a grow light so they can grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Iowa isn’t the only state encouraging children and their families to familiarize themselves with agriculture through scavenger hunts.

On Saturday, September 19th, Haymarket Farmer’s Market in Lincoln, Nebraska will host the 2015 Teach a Kid to Fish Haymarket Farmer’s Market Scavenger Hunt.

The Rhode Island Fruit Growers are hosting a scavenger hunt that ends December 31, 2015. Players must follow maps and picture clues to the corresponding farm. After they reach the first farm, the farmer will give them the clues to the next farm.

Tell us your thoughts about the scavenger hunts that are going on to promote farming and agriculture. Would you open your farm to scavenger hunt players? 

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