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KUHN Krause Gladiator 1210 Strip-Tillage System

KUHN Krause Gladiator 1210 Strip-Tillage System

Paired With the Montag Dry Fertilizer System

By Ryan Ridley

KUHN Krause’s Gladiator 1210 strip-tillage system takes precision nutrient and seedbed management to the next level with its ST-PRO II row units, Montag dry fertilizer system, and STRIK’R soil conditioner. 

Curt Davis, director of marketing and product management at KUHN Krause, recently spoke with to provide a rundown of the unit and its benefits.  

The Gladiator 1210 is available in several configurations predominately for row crop farmers that require various crop spacings. They also have configurations up to 40 inches for those cotton farmers. 

This versatility ensures that there is a suitable model for every farm size and requirement. 

One of the key highlights of the Gladiator 1210 is its ease of use, specifically designed for daily efficiency with minimal maintenance. The machine features all sealed bearings and bushings which eliminate the need for daily greasing.  

Plus, its ST-PRO II row units can be easily adjusted in minutes, without the need of tools. Not only convenient, but essential for quick setup to suit changing field conditions—less time adjusting, more time spent tilling. 

Adjustments for shank depth can be set between 6 to 12 inches by hand in the field as can adjustments to the closing blades. This flexibility allows you to adapt quickly to varying field conditions, optimizing your work without the need for tools. 

The ST-PRO II row unit is noteworthy for its independent movement of the large 24-inch coulter and floating row cleaners, which work in conjunction to create a well-defined strip for planting.  

The STRIK’R reel condition system, particularly effective in wet conditions, ensures continuous operation by allowing mud and moisture to exit while still conditioning the soil effectively. 

The Montag dry fertilizer system complements the Gladiator by allowing for precise fertilizer application. It comes in capacities ranging from three and a half tons for smaller units to up to nine tons for larger configurations.  

The system can handle either single or dual product applications, with the option of section control for precise delivery. This capability is critical for applying the right amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or a blend of these, enabling you to be more economical with your inputs while maximizing crop yields. 

“The ST-PRO row unit really does a good job of placing fertilizer as well as producing a good wide strip for the planter to run on next spring and being able to place that fertilizer,” adds Davis. 

In today's costly fertilizer environment, the Gladiator 1210 with the Montag system is essential for keeping those costs down. 

Davis talks about precision, ease of use, and efficiency in the below video. 

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