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Mid-June 2022 hottest in nearly 40 years

Mid-June 2022 hottest in nearly 40 years

A solar scientist provides weather insights

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The middle portion of June 2022 could be one for the ages, a solar scientist says.

“It’s going to be a big shift in the second half of the month,” Dr. Simon Atkins, a solar scientist with Advanced Forecasting Corporation, said during a June 12 webinar presentation. “I think the month overall will probably be about two degrees above normal even though the first 11 days it was cooler.”

Dr. Atkins will be featured during the 2022 US Crop Tour as he’ll host five webinars to provide weather insights to Risk Management clients and farmers who are following the crop tour.

Data from weather and other maps indicate more hot weather is on the way.

The summer solstice begins on June 21 and already temperatures are approaching 100 F (37 C).

“We are one week away from the summer solstice, and we’ve already got temperatures nearing 100 (F) in central Iowa,” Atkins said. “As an atmospheric scientist I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Between June 13 and July 27, a period of 45 days, Atkins predicts weather variations for the U.S. and into Canada.

The U.S. will be about 2.3 degrees warmer with the western part of the country cooling down first.

“The western U.S. will start to cool down in the second half (of July), and then by early August, that cooler air with rain is going to start going through the north central plains, probably mid-month it starts to hit the Midwest,” Atkins said.

His prediction for Eastern Canada is 3.3 degrees warmer and 1.1 degrees warmer in Western Canada.

The schedule for the webinars Dr. Atkins will be making as part of the Risk Management 2022 US Crop Tour:

  • Thurs. June 30 where Dr Atkins will share his predictions for the U.S. Midwest growing region in the 2022 growing season.
  • Thurs. July 7 and 14 he’ll provide a 15-minute presentation looking at states Chief Commodity Strategist Moe Agostino has visited and will visit on the US Crop tour.
  • On Thurs. July 21 Dr. Atkins will host a 30-minute wrap-up presentation with insights for the 2022 growing season and review other impacts in other growing areas in the year ahead.

Please note all webinars begin at 7:30 a.m. Central.

For more information or to sign up for the webinars, visit:

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