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Navigating Prop 12 - New Guide for Sow Management in US Pork Farms

By Jean-Paul McDonald

U.S. pork producers facing the challenge of adapting to California’s Proposition 12 – if they decide that is what they would like to do -- can now find valuable guidance in a new resource offered by the Iowa Pork Industry Center. The publication, titled "Sow Management Considerations with California Proposition 12," is aimed at assisting producers in making their farms compliant with the new requirements.  

Authored by Iowa State University extension swine specialist Matt Romoser, along with Chris Rademacher and Laura Greiner, the guide focuses on crucial aspects like sow barn remodeling, managing sow herd inventory, and adjusting gilt flow. 

Romoser emphasizes the publication's goal to provide actionable considerations for managing breeding herds under Prop 12's guidelines. The fact sheet is particularly useful for sow farm managers lacking group housing experience and owners considering remodeling or building new facilities. 

This four-page publication, known as IPIC 207, is freely available from the ISU Extension store and serves as an essential tool for those in the pork industry navigating the complexities of Prop 12 compliance. Its straightforward, easy-to-understand language makes it accessible to a wide audience, including those with a basic understanding of agricultural practices. 

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