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Nominations wanted for Youth Engagement Showcase

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, November 27th

By Diego Flammini,

The Rural Ontario Institute is currently accepting nominations for its Youth Engagement Showcase and will do so until Friday, November 27th.

Nomination box

The showcase will highlight young leaders and share stories about them stepping to the forefront and fighting for important issues. It will shed light on the impact youth (age 29 and under) can have in their communities and how rural communities can look to youth to address local issues.

“Today’s engaged youth represent the future leadership of rural Ontario,” said Norman Ragetlie, Director of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, Rural Ontario Institute in a release. “The exodus of youth from rural towns to urban centres is a common trend but evidence illustrates that engaging young people in leadership roles before they leave for post-secondary education is integral to improving return rates.”

As many as eight nominees will have their community involvement displayed through short documentaries. In addition, the videos will show other community programs and how they look engage youth.

Nominees will be judged on their:

Story – What activities are they involved in? How can their story be an inspiration to other youth in rural communities?

Impact – What successes have they had as a result of their community involvement? How has the community benefited from their involvement?

Programming & Organizations – Any programming or organizations they’ve been involved in and how the organizations spurred civic engagement.

A full list of rules and qualifications can be found by visiting the Rural Ontario Institute.

Join the conversation and tell us about someone you would nominate for the Youth Engagement Showcase.

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