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Ont. ag community hosting all candidates meeting

Ont. ag community hosting all candidates meeting

Representatives from six parties will answer ag-focused questions

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Members of Ontario’s ag community are getting the chance to ask local candidates industry-specific questions.

The Elgin Federation of Agriculture and Middlesex Federation of Agriculture are jointly hosting a virtual all candidates meeting on Sept. 9 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

The event will feature a candidate from six parties. They are:

  • Karen Vecchio from the Conservative Party of Canada,
  • Afeez Ajibowu from the Liberal Party of Canada,
  • Katelyn Cody from the New Democratic Party,
  • Amanda Stark from the Green Party,
  • Chelsea Hillier from the People’s Party of Canada, and
  • Michael Hopkins from the Christian Heritage Party

Organizing this type of event is important for the community, said Melissa Schneider, president of the Elgin Federation of Agriculture.

“Doing a meeting like this with an agricultural spin is necessary because in the key election messaging, there isn’t much that’s notable for agriculture,” she told “At this event, the farming community will get a chance to engage with these candidates and have their questions and concerned talked about.”

And the ag community will be providing questions for the candidates.

Interested farmers can register for the event and submit questions through email or by calling 519-633-0114.

Representatives from both ag federations will be screening the questions to ensure they are appropriate for the meeting.

Trade, climate change and broadband connectivity are examples of items that fall under a federal government's responsibility.

“All the questions that will be answered during the event will be federally based,” Schneider said. “We’ve also invited (representation) from different commodities, so I’m sure there will be questions pertaining to those sectors.”

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