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Overgrown Field Edges? No Problem.

Overgrown Field Edges? No Problem.


Photo credit: Kronos Machinery 

Tackle stubborn overgrowth on fields and roads with this outstanding chain mulcher. 

Byline: Nevan Hagarty 

Company: Kronos Machinery 

Looking for the perfect implement to keep your field edges and roads clear of brush and overgrowth? Look no further than the Kronos Predator 1700M Chain Mulcher – this heavy-duty mulcher makes easy work these tasks all year round.  

Rugged, dependable, and maneuverable. The Kronos 1700M features 120 degrees of tilt to clear hard-to-reach brush and branches, a double shelled pyramid-shaped cutting head which provides excellent rigidity, and a curved tube front edge which directs the plant into the cutting chain. This chain mulcher has an impeccable 4.55m reach and exceptional vertical maneuverability – allowing farmers to evenly and easily cut field edges and roadside brush down to size. 

Equip the Kronos 1700M with a wide range of options including a hydraulic front cutting door, twintrac conversion kit, and hydraulic tilt of the entire cutting head for even greater control. 


  • Working Width: 1.7m 
  • Weight: 1000kg 
  • Transport Height: 2.87m 
  • Horizontal Reach: 4.55m 
  • Tilt (degrees): 120 

Consistently take down the thickest brush and overgrowth – wherever it may be – with the Kronos 1700M Chain Mulcher; allowing farm operations to run smoothly and saving precious time for other important tasks all year-round. 

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