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Sentek and Ceres Imaging partner up

Sentek and Ceres Imaging partner up

Farmers gain a more complete picture of their crops and irrigation needs with this partnership.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image courtesy of Ceres Imaging

Ceres Imaging, a precision irrigation provider has announced a partnership with Sentek Sensor Technologies, an Australian company that develops technologies to monitor groundwater movement.

Ceres Imaging said that with this partnership, users will now be able to see real-time sensors and data from both companies on the Ceres app side-by-side. This will allow customers to glean more information and to make better decisions around their farm’s water management and irrigation.

Via its ability to monitor groundwater movement, Sentek’s technology provides vital crop water use insights, and generates research data for grower irrigation decisions.

The Sentek range of soil monitoring solutions delivers accurate monitoring, fast and reliable data retrieval, and user-friendly data analysis and display.

Through integrating Sentek's in-field sensors Ceres Imaging customers will more easily uncover opportunities to improve uniformity and make the best irrigation decisions.

Ceres Imaging, headquartered in Oakland, California, combines in-field sensors with advanced analytics and high-resolution aerial imagery to provide a more complete picture of crop health. For more information, visit

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