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A look at Progressive Planet Solutions

A look at Progressive Planet Solutions

Canadian company offers an alternative to synthetic fertilizers.

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It’s no secret that the global fertilizer industry currently faces a shortage owing to monopolies, war in Ukraine and the corresponding no-go business with the aggressor Russian Federation, supply chain issues, pandemic responses, and yes, even strong crop yields in 2021.

The global fertilizer industry is worth some $170 billion, and is the domain of synthetic-based fertilizers from nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients.

Progressive Planet Solutions Inc., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based company offers an alternative solution.

Its micronized minerals help minimize carbon footprints, sequester greenhouse gasses, and provide a safe alternative to man-made by-products, said the company.   

With its own facilities and through partnerships, the company focuses on working with the earth-friendly micronized—finely ground—minerals can provide massive sustainability benefits across the construction and agriculture industries. We’re just interested in the ag benefits, however.

An emerging technology provider of innovative circular solutions and eco-friendly micronized minerals for agriculture, construction and industry, Progressive Planet provides micronized minerals for both the natural and organic fertilizer industry.

It recently announced an expanded business relationship with Fertoz Ltd., an Australia-based organic fertilizer manufacturer and supplier that markets and develops a range of organic fertilizers in North America and Australia.

Fertoz has asked Progressive Planet to micronize soft rock phosphate for use as organic fertilizer, with processing and production to be carried out at its recently acquired Absorbent Products manufacturing facility in Kamloops, BC.

Progressive Planet has its own capabilities to finely grind these minerals:

  • Soft Rock Phosphate;
  • Zeolite;
  • Other Natural Pozzolans;
  • Limestone;
  • Glacial Morraine, and;
  • Post-consumer and virgin glass.

"We've identified carbon sequestration as a massive opportunity area across the agricultural industry. This is where science and technology come together and help break down, activate, and release mineral nutrients and other building blocks essential to all agriculture practices," said Ian Grant, Vice President of Business Development for Progressive Planet. "Micronized mineral toll processing is a key that opens doors to everything from soil restoration to greenhouse gas reduction to reducing dependency on chemical fertilizers."  

Per Progressive Planet, when micronized minerals like soft rock phosphate are applied to farming fields, there is a correlation between increased yields and plant biomass, organic matter build-up and carbon sequestration where carbon is effectively transformed and trapped in soil.

After the oceans, soil is the second-largest carbon sink and, said Progressive Planet, the most logical place to put excess carbon while also providing increased crop yields and soil moisture retention.

The company said it works with customers who themselves service the agricultural industry and who target farm businesses seeking a chemical free-soil additives and fertilizers that work as well, or better, than chemical alternatives.

"As companies move toward natural alternatives, they are looking for partners that can provide high-quality, low-carbon products while having flexibility to manufacture large quantities of multiple formulations without supply chain constraints," he said.

"Equally important, to be certified as an organic micronized mineral, companies must certify that their comminution process is free of non-organic materials,” Grant continued, “and that the end product has not been contaminated. Progressive Planet enjoys a unique competitive advantage in these areas, making us a valuable supply chain partner."

Progressive Planet specializes in custom toll processing services, offering clients a wide variety of precision particle configurations of varying sizes and tailored to their specifications. The Absorbent Product acquisition has brought two complementary companies together, unifying top-notch talent and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities under one shared vision to begin meeting the growing demands of the natural and organic fertilizer industry.  

Progressive Planet's mission is to strengthen industry through sustainable innovation, providing earth-conscious pathways and products that radically decarbonize concrete production and re-mineralize agricultural operations.

And, with the nearly tripling costs for chemical fertilizers in 2021, Progressive Planet said it has seen a large increase in consumption of its micronized minerals, seeing that growth continuing through 2022 as its largest client is using micronized minerals on many of its farmers to use in experimental plots.

Eager to please, the company said it will provide samples of its micronized minerals to interested parties who are looking for a greener alterative to chemical fertilizers.

Company information can be found at

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